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SIIH Updates

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If you have been a long time member of SIIH and have not been receiving emails, please accept our apologies.  In our efforts to integrate a new service last season, some emails may have been inadvertently removed. 

Registration is Open

Click here to register 6u-14u players for the regular season.

6u - Birth year 2014 & 2015
8u - Birth year 2012 & 2013
10u - Birth year 2010 & 2011
12u - Birth year 2008 & 2009
14u - Birth year 2006 & 2007

Click here to register 16u- 18u  players for the regular season.

16u -Birth year 2005 & 2004
18u - Birth year 2003 & 2002
 Note:   You will need your players USA Hockey number to register for the 2020-2021 season. USA Hockey number is required.


Evaluations will begin August 15th, please check calendar for more information.


Register for USA hockey for the 2020-2021 Season

You will need your 2020-2021 USAH registration number to sign up for SIIH hockey programs.

Click here first to register for USA Hockey

When registering with USA Hockey - choose Missouri as the state you are playing.  SIIH is affiliated with Missouri Hockey.


We have received several questions about the “spectators policy” of MO Hockey rinks, and how refunds would work in the event of a full shutdown. Here is how we have answered a recent question:

“In a normal season, about half the games would be played at home in O’Fallon.
Our league’s rinks are spread across 2 States, and approximately 5 different it’s hard to predict who will allow spectators, or when it may change for good or bad.
And a big “yes” on the refunds for a total shutdown. We would only charge our membership for ice we have actually used.
This could be complicated by by pauses in play, so we will encourage everyone to be patient with the process.
For example...if we are shut down for a few weeks, but anticipate getting back on the ice, we wouldn’t want to issue refunds at that time. But in the event we are 100% shut down, we would then look at the % of season ice used, stop all pending payment plans, and begin the refund process." 

Additional FAQ's can be found here.

COVID-19 rink procedures

  • ICE TIME - Parents and players are to arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before their scheduled ice time.  

  • BRING A WATER BOTTLE - Bring a full bottle of water for your child with their name on it.  We are not allowed to provide communal bottles.  Water fountains in the rink are not available.

  • DRESSING ROOMS - Please arrive DRESSED except for skates, helmet and gloves. There will be areas for skate lacing in the lobby, but there will be no dressing rooms available at this time.  

  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES! - Everyone who enters the Rec Plex is required to wear a mask (including players).  Volunteers and coaches will be required to wear masks at all times while in the building. Players will wear masks until going onto the ice.

  • TEMPERATURE CHECK - Parents and players will have their temperatures checked upon entrance to the rink.  If you or a player is running a fever or not feeling well, please stay home! 

  • LOBBY - Enter the rink through the far right doors and check in.  From there, you will enter the Poettker Rink and enter the locker room hallway.  Follow the hallway to the other end (near the Zamboni doors), and enter the Jr. Rink.  Bags are to be stashed in the Jr. Rink lobby/rink area.  After your ice time ends, exit through the Practice Rink doors to the Lobby.

  • SPECTATORS/GUESTS - per rink guidelines, spectators are not allowed.  Parents/guardians will check in players and may provide assistance to tie skates and secure helmet, but then you must wait outside the building.  Parents/guardians will meet players when they are done.  We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. 

  • COVID 19 WAIVER -  All participants/guardians will be required to sign a waiver.  Waiver is available for download and review from the SIIH home page.

News and Updates


Instructions on how to log into your sports engine account

Log into your players sports engine account to update your players medical information, guardian contacts, and other general information about your player.

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