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Managers information

Thank you Managers

Thank you to all of the parents for taking on the role of Team Manager for our season.   Good luck to all of our SIIH teams!  

If you have any qustions, please contact Kevin Nieweglowski.

Requirements for Team Managers

In order to be eligible to participate on any team, all participants, including coaches and managers, are required to receive a USA Hockey number and complete a background check.  Additionally all parents, coaches, and managers are required to complete the SafeSport Training. Below are the links to the sites you will need. Once all of this has been completed, please send the confirmation information to Kevin Nieweglowski and Steven Strubberg.

USA Hockey Manager Registration

All Team Managers are required to obtain a USA Hockey number. Use this link to register. Print and keep a copy in your binder. You will also use this number to register with MO Hockey.


All managers are required to complete SafeSport training. After completion please send your proof of completion to Kevin Nieweglowski.

Background Screening

Use the following link to complete a background check. Save your receipt and email to Deanna Lucas, treasurer, for reimbursement.

Links for Missouri Hockey

Missouri Hockey Forms

Several forms are available on the MO Hockey website.

MO Hockey Rules

Rules are available here.

MO Hockey Calendar

All important dates are located on the MO Hockey Calendar. Check it often...or even link it to your calendar.

St. Louis Area Rinks

MO Hockey Youth Division has a list of area rinks and their locations. These are the rinks we play and practice in throughout the year.


GAME CLOCK Information

Click on the link below to view a video for the Daktronics Allsport 5000.  This is the exact game clock used in the Pro and Jr. rink.   You will see how to set the warmup time, game times, and penalties.  Additional information on basic scoresheet language is also provided.

View video  here.