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Calling all Coaches!!

By Nick McCune, 07/30/19, 7:00PM CDT


The influence you have as a coach simply cannot be measured. In some aspects, a player may hold you up even higher than a parent. You have the potential to play an important role in shaping children's perception of themselves. The way in which a coach corrects a skill, reinforces a behavior, or highlights an error plays an important role in either developing or impairing the self- esteem of young athletes.

If that doesn't impress your hockey socks off, then at the very least, you get to chase them around a cone (while getting a great workout) and teach them this wonderful game. As a growing organization, we need more and more great-minded people to help in the world of coaching. Whether you have a child in this organization or not, like to be on the ice, or think you have that perfect pre-game speech, please see the link below to take the next step in coaching for the IceHawks. 


Any questions, please give us a shout!