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and help raise funds during the Monster Mash Jamboree!

Isn't it time?

By Jen Mauk, 09/18/19, 2:00PM CDT


Time to tidy up.....

Time keeps on slipping..slipping...slipping, into the future.....

The Southern Illinois Ice Hawks will be holding a donation drive to collect bags of gently-used clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories (such as belts and purses), blankets, comforters, and linens.

Please bring your bag(s)of unwanted, 2nd hand worthy goods to the rink during the Monster Mash Jamboree. 

Saturday Oct 26th between 10am-4pm or on Sunday Oct 27th between 9am-2pm.

All donations will help raise funds for SIIH to help keep our programs running..... into the future...tick-tock-tick....doot-doot-do-do.....

Got neighbors, family, friends that need to clean their closets too?  Give them a gentle nudge and pass this msg along....  (psst...use the social media tags on this page)

Need to get the items out TODAY?  Contact and we can arrange pick up within 24 hours and take to storage until the event.