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Proposed Bylaw Amendments Notification

By Mike Kraus, 02/16/17, 8:30AM CST


Proposed Bylaw Amendments

The SIIH Board has approved amendments to our Bylaws for the membership to vote upon at the End of Season Banquet next month.  This will be in addition to our Board of Directors election.

Here are the proposed amendments which will be on the ballot:

  1. Article II, Offices:   typo change of SIIH.
    • Explanation:  Simple correction to clerical error.
    • Change From:  "The registered office of SIII"
    • Change To: "The registered office of SIIH"
  2. Article IV, Section 2, Membership. Redefine membership as Fall Hockey Season, from Fall Hockey Program
    • Explanation:  Over the years, we have introduced many new Fall programs and so it makes sense to clarify what constitutes a formal member as those that participate in the full Fall Season.
    • Change from: "The parents or legal guardians of each player who was enrolled in the Fall hockey program shall be entitled to one vote"
    • To "The parents or legal guardians of each player who was enrolled in the Fall hockey season shall be entitled to one vote".
  3. Article V, Section 3, Qualifications, (b). Removal of Learn To Play as qualification for Board member and statement clarification
    • Explanation:  Learn to Play participants may not be from our Zip codes, and are not yet fully vested in our organization so we feel it is best to remove Learn To Play as a valid qualification as an applicant as a Board member.  It was also noted that this statement should be clarified that it is referring to the child who previously played, not the candidate.
    • Change from "Have at least one child who plays or has previously played for an SIIH team (including a learned to play team);"
    • To "Have at least one child who plays or whose child has previously played for a SIIH team".
  4. Article V, Section 3, Continuation term limit removal.
    • Explanation:  As all one year continuations require both Board and Membership vote approval, we would recommend to not preclude someone from continuing to participate as a board member.
    • Change "Continuation is limited to a total of 3 additional years and requires both Board and membership approval each year."
    • To "Continuation requires both Board and membership approval each year".
  5. Article VI, Section 2, Election And Term of Office . Officers must be Board members.
    • Explanation:  To ensure that our Officers (defined as President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar in our bylaws) best represent the interests of our membership, we suggest that all Officers are chosen from elected Board members.
    • Add at the beginning "The officers of SIIH shall be elected Board members".