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IceHawks News

IceHawks News

Letter From the President Aug 2018

By Nick McCune 08/27/2018, 8:45am CDT

Midget Hockey Info

By Nick McCune 07/28/2018, 11:00am CDT

MIDGET Minors & Majors!


Open to 2000-2003 birth year players.

- Weekly ice time each Wednesday, not to conflict with HS games

- All practices held at the McKendree Metro Rec-Plex

- High quality game weight jerseys by OT sports, player is responsible to purchase socks, home and away jerseys are loaned to each player for the season

- Games played in MO hockey

- Tryouts will be three total hours for $25- two hours guaranteed

- Preskate schedule to prepare for tryouts

- $500 registration fee.....that's it!



Preskate ($10 )

Sunday August 5th - 7:45PM - 8:45PM


Tryouts (Must attend a minimum of two - $25)

Sunday August 12th - 7:45PM - 8:45PM

Sunday August 19th - 7:45PM - 8:45PM

Sunday August 26th - 7:45PM - 8:45PM


Check the Midget page under Teams for more info.

Click here to register!!

Registration for the Fall 2018-19 season is now Open

By Nick McCune 06/24/2018, 8:15pm CDT

This is it folks! Registration for the Fall 2018-19 season is now open. Although we hope to see you all on July 14th at the Rec-Plex for our "official" registration event, you can now sign up right away.

Click the link below to register your players.


Click this link if your player is 16U & 18U


IceHawks Hockey Operations Update, 10-11-12

IceHawks Family,

I am proud to report that less than 24 hours after announcing the recent disruption at our home rink US Ice Sports Complex, the IceHawks hockey operations are continuing uninterupted.  All previously scheduled declaration games are being played this weekend.  Area clubs have worked closely with the IceHawks to make ice available for these games.
The IceHawks will be publishing a short term practice schedule  inthe next 24 hours to support team practices for those without declaration games.  We are working closely with MYHD and all the area clubs to build a stable and regular practice schedule for our teams.  The entire St Louis hockey community is pitching in, even sacrificing their own team ice to support us.

We remain firmly committed to the main priorities set forth in the inital announcement:

1.  The safety and security of all our kids and families

2.  The successful execution and completion of the 2012-13 ice hockey season
3.  The long-term strength, growth and expansion of the IceHawks into the future
The IceHawks Board ask that you remain patient.  We will update all as details and plans become clearer.  We understand the situation on our home ice will create some hardship and inconvenience in the coming weeks. We remain commit to you that this organization will work hard to minimize both  
Pat McLeod
SIIH President

IceHawks Update, Interim Schedules 10-17-12

IceHawk Families,



The Ice Hawks Board appreciates your patience over the last week.  I wanted to give you an update on where we are with the US Ice rink situation, including both near and long term ice plans .  The rink remains closed while repairs are being made to the facility.  The IceHawks have no special insight to when the repairs will be complete.  We understand that US Ice is optimistic about reopening, but there is no concrete date for when.  The IceHawks Board is aware of concerns from families about ice time, practice locations and fees.  We are committed to providing regular schedules and ice time for all of our players, from the youngest Minis to the oldest Midgets.  In the near term (the next 2 weeks) we have a commitment from Affton to support both our Mini's and Mites during their own practices through mid-November.  We also have multiple practices scheduled for both our House and Travel teams.  After meeting with the Missouri Youth Hockey Division (MYHD) last night we also have full commitments from all other MYHD teams to review their organizations ice plans and work to make room for IceHawks teams where possible. I want to emphasize that these short term plans are NOT the primary long term plan.  We are working right now on other long term plans to support our teams with regular practices at reasonable times in 1 or 2 locations.  We will know more, and share all, the moment these plans are finalized. 


We share the same financial concerns all families feel right now...are we going to get the regular practice and game ice we are paying for, including skill development sessions with Scott Brandes?  The answer is absolutely yes.  When this crisis recedes, we will make up any lost ice time.  Scott Brandes training was disrupted in October but will resume again when long term plans are finalized.  We are committed to this training even if it occurs at another rink.  We have suspended all Volunteer and Fundraising fees until 15 Nov. to reduce the financial impact of increased travel.  Our teams will remain intact, although they may practice with others in the area.  So far we have been able to reschedule nearly every declaration game.  Our teams are doing well.


We apologize for the many inconveniences this incident has created.  We will continue working hard to minimize them and provide clear communications to our membership.  I ask all to channel questions and concerns through your managers and coaches so we can keep all informed.  I also ask that you continue to monitor the website and e-mails for the latest developments.   


Pat McLeod
IceHawks President

IceHawks Update, US Ice Status & Ice Scheduling, 10-28-12

IceHawk Families,

We wanted to give you the latest update with what we know about US Ice and what the IceHawks have been doing over the last two weeks.  First, US Ice is still closed.  What we are told is that a large portion of the movement has taken place (more than 50% - maybe as much as 70% - estimated based on similar events in the area). What we also know is that the rate of change is slower from one survey to the next (which is typical with most subsidence events). We also know that the process will continue for years, but that changes we notice will go from daily, to weekly, to monthly, etc (as rate of change slows and the percentage of the movement increases toward 100 and completion).  The DNR was there this week taking another round of measurements (which will be helpful to compare against the first).  US Ice will keep us posted on those results when they get them.  We also wanted all to know that both rinks are up and surfaces being repaired and the ice plant is running.  Temporary repairs to the facility are also underway.

Second, the Incident Management Team has been busy procuring ice at rinks in local communities.  We try to keep practices as close as possible for our teams, especially for our Minis, Mites and House teams.  There is very limited ice availability in the area so unfortunately we sometimes have late or early morning practices, however all of our teams have been getting 1-2 practices per week as well as declaration games.  Our Minis and Mites have been invited to practice with Twin Bridges at East Alton Ice Arena for the month of November, much like they have skated with Affton for October.  Managers and Coaches will advise all Minis and Mites of dates and times. All our teams have been performing solidly in declaration games with several even being considered to be put at a higher level.  This is a credit to our players talents and our coaches hard work.  

Finally, we greatly appreciate everyones patience and understanding during this tough time.  We remain committed to ensuring a successful season for our players and a stable schedule of practices and games.  We hope to have more news in the upcoming week and will keep all updated as soon as information becomes available.


Toys for Tots

Ice Hawks, support the United States Marines’ Toys for Tots program this week at the Scottrade Center for the chance win cool Blues autographed items. Donate a new, unwrapped toy to the collection box located at the concession stand and receive a raffle ticket for the chance to win one of six Blues autographed items. Thank you for your support this Holiday Season.

IceHawks Town Hall Meeting, Tuesday February 19th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Dear IceHawks Families,


The IceHawks Board will be holding a Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, February 19th from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at the Katy Cavins Community Center located at the O'Fallon Community Park.  Doors will open at 6pm.  
The intent of the meeting is to provide the full membership a complete update on; rink status, completion of the Fall Season, start of the Spring Season and Long-Term facility plans.


The Agenda for the evening is as follows:


Opening Remarks - Provide a factual overview of what occurred and how we have conducted the season to date
Facility Assessment Team - Provide an overview of ice options currently being pursued.
Membership Engagement - Solicit specific help and create committees from membership to aid in facility search.
Frequently Asked Questions - Provide answers or insight to the biggest issues of concern (rink, ice allocation, future plans)  Questions must be submitted in advance (see below.)
Open Q & A - Provide an opportunity to ask questions that have not been answered during the previous FAQ period.
Closing Remarks


Ultimately the IceHawks seek a single place to play and to call "Home."  We intend to engage the full membership to help us do that.  This is your chance to help forge the path for the future of this club.  Some possible committees include:


Investment Committee - Will help organize and solicit supporting investment group to help fund a future facility.
Marketing Group - Will help solicit community support, sponsorship and media outreach.
Facility Support Committee - Will help organize membership expertise in construction, heat/air, plumbing, and other construction related expertise.


Those interested in participating in any of these committees, please contact Heather Mowen at


The IceHawks Board would like to answer as many of your questions as possible.  We request that your questions be submitted ahead of time to Lisa Constance at   She will be compiling the questions for the meeting only.  No questions will be addressed ahead of time so please do not expect an email reply with an immediate answer.  There is a large amount of information to cover during the 2-hour Town Hall, so having answers prepared early will help us get to all of them.  There will be limited time at the end to answer open questions.


The meeting is intended for adults and there will be no childcare available.  We ask that those bringing children try to keep them as quiet as possible for the respect of others.


The IceHawks Board remains committed to providing the membership the most up-to-date information possible.  We look forward to seeing you all at the meeting.




Pat McLeod
Go Hawks!!!

St Louis Blues, Scottrade and the IceHawks Join Forces!!!

The IceHawks are excited to announce a new partnership with the St Louis Blues to use the Scottrade Center as the IceHawks temporary practice and home game facility.  Scottrade will be our new home for all our teams, at all levels, for the remainder of the 2012-13 season, or until US Ice reopens for regular use.  Starting November 14th, all IceHawk practices and home games will be held at this facility.  Full practice schedules will be posted on the IceHawks website ( in the next 24 hours.  Details about parking and use of the facility will be made available in the next few days.

The IceHawks would like extend our most sincere gratitude to the St Louis Blues, especially Mr. Bruce Affleck, for making this incredible opportunity available.  The Blues continue to demonstrate a strong commitment to youth hockey, the development of the game at all levels and to the St. Louis community.  This partnership provides additional ice availability to local area youth teams (Missouri Youth Hockey Division) and high school teams (Mississippi Valley Club Hockey Association) for both game and practice scheduling.  We strongly encourage all these teams to take full advantage of this availability.  This is a unique and tremendous opportunity for the entire St Louis area hockey community.  Ice times and contact information will be posted to the IceHawks website under the Scottrade tab at the top left of the site.
The IceHawks would like to express our extreme gratitude to all the youth division teams who have helped us with shared practices and rearranged scheduling during this time of crisis.  Our kids remained skating regularly with area teams and have numerous positive experiences. I also would like to thank you, members of the Icehawks family, for your patience, perseverance and words of encouragement during these uncertain times.  We know our organization will emerge stronger as a result of this challenge.  I look forward to seeing all of you at our new home for the 2012-2013 season. 
Please monitor the website and your e-mails for details in the coming days.
Pat McLeod
SIIH President

Welcome to the Scottrade Center, IceHawks Families!

The 2012-2013 youth hockey season has already been a season to remember but  

the experience of playing hockey in the Scottrade Center, home of the St. Louis  

Blues, will undoubtedly be something your children will remember for years to  


It likely goes without saying that the Scottrade Center was not constructed with  

youth hockey in mind.  But that did not deter the St. Louis Blues or the IceHawks  

from seeing the potential.  It will take collaboration and partnership within our  

IceHawks family to ensure a successful transition into our new temporary home.    

To ease this transition, we compiled detailed information about everything from  

parking to practice procedures to the game day experience.  Please read the  

following pages carefully.   

We hope to see you at the IceHawks Welcome Party on Friday, Nov. 16th from 

7:00 p.m. – 9:15 p.m. at Scottrade Center.  Doors will open at 6:30p.m.    

IceHawks board members and Blues personnel will be on hand to answer any of  

your remaining questions.    

By working together, we will make this an unforgettable season!  


Go IceHawks!  Go Blues!  


Pat McLeod  

Southern Illinois IceHawks President  

SIIH Absentee Board Voting Extended Until Friday, April 12th

Absentee Voting Extended 


2013 SIIH Board Candidate 


In an effort to allow everyone possible to vote for new members of the SIIH Board of Directors, we have extended absentee voting until Friday, April 12 at 5:00pm CT.


The candidates are listed below with links to their profiles which can also be found on the home page at   


Please review each candidate and make a decision about who you feel would best represent Southern Illinois IceHawks.  Board members are voted in by the general membership.  Their individual positions are chosen by the seated board, once they are elected. The term for an SIIH board member is 3 years.


Voting for the Board of Directors is in accordance with the SIIH Bylaws and allows 1 vote per family.  There are three Board of Directors positions available.  When you cast your vote please choose 3 candidates in priority order (1, 2, 3,)


Robin Drolet                       PeeWee A1 - Parent/Treasurer

Tammy Lampe                    Mite - Parent/Manager

Charlie Luraschi                  Squirt A2 - Parent/Coach

Pat McLeod                        Bantam A1 - Parent/President

Rebecca Miner                    Squirt A2 - Parent/Manager


**  DO NOT reply to this email with your vote.  Send your votes to

NEW IceHawks 2013-14 Board Announcement !!!!!

IceHawks Families,

We are proud to announce the results of our recent election for new boardmembers selected during the End of Season Banquet and by Absentee voting.  We had five very talented candidates and are grateful to all for volunteering for these positions.  The following candidates were elected to board membership with voting rights:

Robin Drolet

Tammy Lampe

Pat McLeod

We are also proud to announce that via unanimous approval of the new board, we are going to appoint the other two candidates (Charlie Luraschi and Rebecca Rausch-Miner) to non-voting, sub-committee boardmembers to best support the numerous activities of our organization.  They are both talented and enthusiastic supporters of the organization and their skills are needed to prepare us for success into the future.  They will take on the following duties:

Charlie Luraschi - SIIH Coaching staff

Rebecca Rausch-Miner - Director of Communications

We will also be more closely integrating our newly established Investment, Marketing, and Construction Committee Chairs into sub-committee roles.  They are:

Kelli Latinette - Marketing/Business Chair

PK Johnson - Investment/Finance Chair

Gus Feldker - Construction/Facility Chair

We are excited about expanding board roles and responsibilities to a broader cross-section of the membership.  This brings a greater pool of talent to help grow and strengthen the organization as we move forward.  We will provide future updates on our Board structure, roles and responsibilities as we integrate these new functions.

Thanks again to all who participated and we look forward to and exciting year ahead.


We would like to thank all players for participating in the IceHawks 2013-14 House and Travel Tryouts. The preliminary rosters are now posted below.

We had a tremendous turnout at all levels and would like to commend all for their great attitudes, hardwork and sportsmanship.


Our overall skill level was very high this season and we were able to field competetive AA teams at the PeeWee, Bantam and Midget levels.


All teams have Head Coaches assigned as well as Assistant Coaches. Anyone interested in being a team Manager or Website Coordinator please contact Tammy Lampe at