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Welcome to our first ever Ice Hawks Communications Corner!

Here, the Ice Hawks board of directors and advisors will share information pertaining to our club, rink updates, fundraisers, etc.

  • This is a trial run and may evolve as we learn what works and what could be better. Note some weeks may have more updates than others. Some may not have anything and we may choose to do a spotlight of sorts.
  • We ask for your patience and open feedback as we share any information available to us and in the best interest of the organization.
  • Please continue to read any email communications as targeted, nonpublic information will continue to be delivered via email versus our public webpage and social media avenues.

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Due to a mechanical malfunction at the rink out of the Ice Hawks' control, the ice at MMRP is unsafe for play. There is currently standing water on the Poettker rink. We have been informed there was a glycol leak that has been repaired this morning and hopefully the ice will build up today and be ready for use tomorrow 12/1. All SIIH practices on Poettker have been canceled on 11/30/22. We apologize for the inconvenience.


With the holiday season quickly approaching, internet phishing is on the rise. Please use extreme diligence when opening and responding to e-mail communications and ordering from online vendors.

While Kyle and the Ice Hawks board members do a great job, we promise we will never ask for gift cards or any form of payment via email or unofficial channels.

Additionally, the Ice Hawks have partnered with specific vendors which have the rights to reproduce our logo. These vendors are proudly displayed on our website, anyone outside of this is creating materials without the written consent of the Ice Hawks, and materials are not approved or backed by the club. Ordering from these vendors is done so at your own risk.

If you ever have questions or concerns regarding the validity of a communication or merchandiser, the SIIH board direct emails are listed on our Board of Directors page.

Thank you and we wish everyone much-continued success this season!

Southern Illinois Ice Hawks Board of Directors

Week of 10/2/2022


JR Rink will be ready tonight at 5:45, so ALL Ice Hawks ice times will be ON as scheduled tonight!!

We are aware of some small bumps on the sheet but have been told that will be taken care of soon.

Both rinks are at the correct temperature!

The 4th annual Glo Bingo volunteer planning meeting is tonight at 6:40 upstairs on the Poettker Rink. We hope to see many of you there as we will need a lot of support as with previous years!


Poettker ice has been holding up great. Temperature and quality have been at their best, the new compressors seem to make a big difference. The guys are just about to drive the morning Olympia for 1 day of ice building. Fingers crossed the JR rink will be ready to skate on Thursday evening.

As a result of the JR rink not being ready today, some practices scheduled this evening were canceled/shifted to allow for games scheduled with MIHOA to be played towards declaration season as well as to ensure every team gets fair touches this week as much as possible. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and we are hopeful this is the last of any cancelations this season.

10/5 changes:

10uA3, 10uC1, 10uC3, and 12uB3 practices have been canceled

14uA2 game has been moved from JR rink to Poettker rink at 8:15 pm

12uC2 was moved to 7:00 pm on Poettker

Please continue to watch for any schedule updates for additions, modifications, or cancelations as needed until the scheduling settles into routine ice times.


Ice Hawks schedules are on as planned this evening!

Poettker rink was very good last evening and is holding up well today.

Jr rink had 2 more layers added this morning and is getting thick enough for the Zamboni to get on the ice tonight. This is moving in the right direction, however is still no definitive date for the schedule to resume full speed on the jr rink.

*Reminder the Glo Bingo volunteer meeting will be held Thursday upstairs in the Poettker rink at 6:40 pm.*


The Poettker rink temperature is getting colder after Sunday's breaker issue. The reading this morning was about a degree higher than the target. All Ice Hawks schedules on the Poettker will be played as planned this evening.

Rink staff are in the process of building up the Jr rink ice. We are being advised, and hopeful, that the JR rink will be available to skate by mid-week this week.

Once both sheets are running consistently at full capacity, teams will see little to no shift in their weekly practice schedules. This will certainly allow for more planning ahead for families busy schedules.

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