Centralized Communication Platforms

At the beginning of the season, set expectations with your team's families of how you plan to communicate with them and request they communicate with you and/or the coaches, examples are:

  • E-mail distribution lists
  • Crossbar messaging
  • Facebook group
  • Group text messages

While each scenario may be different, consistency helps families not miss any important communications. As well as some mediums may be more effective for time-sensitive information versus routine information (i.e. weekly touch-base).

Team Facebook Group

Teams are encouraged to create a space to connect and share photos, victories, and general information with other members. However, keep in mind, social media is available to everyone, not just your team. If the team is planning to share pictures and details of the players, it is highly recommended to make the group private so only those invited or who receive admin approval are able to interact and see the contents.

Weekly Manager E-mails

With all of the school, sports, upcoming schedules, events, due dates, etc. life is easy to get away from us.

It is a best practice for the team manager to send your team one email/message at the beginning of every week. This keeps your team engaged and creates an opportunity for discussion if someone will miss a practice or game, needs assistance from the manager or coach, as well as an avenue for managers to share important information and get action from team members on standing items such as SafeSport or tournament planning. Another fun inclusion is upcoming birthdays or coach/player spotlight.

This is optional and free-text whatever works for the manager individually, but this is highly recommended!! 

Create a fun title that parents will know exactly what they are opening, such as “This week in 10u Hockey - (and the starting day of the week)”

Team Accomplishments

Throughout the season, your team will experience triumphs and letdowns. It is important to celebrate and encourage both. It is unrealistic to think a 10u team will win every game, or a 14u goalie receive a perfect shut-out record, but it is imperative that fans do not let the players feel defeated. Encourage them to keep trying harder, and remind them they did their best.

As a club, SIIH wants to celebrate these milestones and engage our community as well. So when you win that tournament or even place second or third, share a photo and some good news with our Social Media director to get some kudos on our pages as well!

Social Media Director

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