Game Day

Arrival Time

Check with your coach or manager how early your player should arrive prior to every game. Generally, this is 45-60 minutes ahead of start time.

Allow yourself plenty of travel time and notify your coach or manager if your player will be arriving late or not attending.


Players should bring both “Home” and “Away” jerseys to all games. Be sure that all players have a mouth guard, gloves, skates, and a helmet with attached chin strap. Neck guards are optional, but highly recommended.

Officials will bench players for equipment violations.


  • Encourage your child to play by the rules. Remember that children learn best by example, so applaud the good plays of both teams.
  • Learn and study the rules of the game and support the officials. Any criticism of the officials only hurts the game and may result in being expelled from viewing.
  • Refrain from coaching your child during practice or games. Support your coaches and recognize the importance they have in the development of your child.
  • Coaches are volunteers and deserve your respect.
  • Respect and abide by the "24-hour rule" of contact with your coaches for any concerns or questions you have following a game or practice. This includes email, phone, text or an in-person conversation.
  • Applaud a good effort in both victory and defeat and enforce the positive points of the game. Never yell or physically abuse your child after a game or practice.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions and the actions of your guests.

MO Hockey No Alcohol Policy

As stated in Missouri Hockey Youth Division Rules & Policies, MAIHA Part 1, Section E, Part D: Alcohol of any type is not permitted inside the rink viewing area. It is the responsibility of the clubs, teams, and coaches to ensure alcohol is not present in the viewing area of the rink.

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