Game Management

Present at every game

First Aid

  1. Your team must have a medical bag or first aid kit on the bench at the beginning of EVERY game. All head coaches are provided this at the beginning of the season. It is also a good idea for the manager to carry a few items along with them as well, just in case anything happens off-ice.
  2. Some recommended first aid items include:
  3. Band-aids – 1 dozen of various shapes and sizes 
  4. White medical tape – At least 1 roll 
  5. Scissors 
  6. Cold packs
  7. Gauze – 1 roll or 10 packs 
  8. Rubber/Surgical Gloves – at least 1 pair
  9. For any potential concussion or broken bone scenarios, or when you are unsure of protocol, it is best for coaches and/or managers not to try to move the player. Engage parents and/or call 911.
  10. Please ensure an incident report is completed for anything more than a minor scrape, cut, or bump (please use common judgment). These only take a few minutes and protect the club, coaches, and players.

Team Binder

As the team manager, you are required to bring a number of items to every game. To make your job easier, we recommend that you put together a binder that includes the following items.

All Teams:

  1. USA Hockey Verified Roster*
  2. If any player is unverified on the roster, the player's birth certificate is necessary.
  3. Team contact information
  4. Contact info for MO Hockey age level commissioner
  5. Contact info for SIIH Board Members
  6. Incident Reports (Blank copies and completed copies for the duration of the season)
  7. Release of Liability Forms (required for any non-MO-Hockey sanctioned event, such as parent/player fun game)
  8. Pens and scrap paper

10U & Above (in addition to the above)

  1. Scoresheets
  2. MAIHA provides scoresheets for Youth Division fall/winter season games. These are provided to teams during the scheduling period.
  3. Roster Stickers*
  4. Rather than fill out your roster and coach information on every score sheet, you may print roster stickers. Rosters may change up to December 31, so print 1 sheet at a time as you go in case any changes do occur. 
  5. The best size stickers to use are 2x4 shipping labels using Avery 8163
  6. The cost of stickers can come out of your team's budget. You will need 2-3 rosters per game (including friendlies, dec games, regular season, playoffs, and tournament games). 
  7. Directions for filling out the scoresheet
  8. Directions for the Time Clock (10u & above)

Home Team - Game Day Responsibilities (10u & Above)

Prior to each home game 

  1. Schedule volunteers: (1) penalty box attendant, (1) scorekeeper, and (1) time clock (1 music person is optional - timeclock or scoresheet person can do it as well as long as they are comfortable doing both roles at once).
  2. It is important to teach parents how to navigate each of these game-day roles to ensure equal amounts of volunteerism throughout the season. Consider taking a practice to teach parents how to complete these tasks. Without these roles, the kids cannot play games.
  3. In previous years, creating a SignUp genius for each date, role, etc. is needed and allows parents to select what works best for them.
  4. If a SignUp genius is not feasible, or you are not getting the volunteers you need, it may be necessary to assign roles to each family throughout the season evenly. Ensure they have clearly communicated expectations beforehand.
  5. Prepare game scoresheet
  6. Apply your team's roster stickers to the home team section
  7. If any player will not be playing the game, scratch off their name on each sticker used
  8. Find visiting team manager and apply their roster stickers to the away team section
  9. Have both teams' coaches sign the scoresheet
  10. Provide to scoresheet volunteer or in score box prior to game start

After the game

1. Referees will review and sign the scoresheet

2. Get the score sheet back from your volunteer

3. Give a yellow or pink copy to visiting team manager

4. Keep a white copy within your team binder

5. Score the game & upload a photo of your score sheet on your MO Hockey Crossbar team page within 24 hours of the end of your game

How to score games and upload scoresheet

Away Team - Game Day Responsibilities (10 & Above)

Prior to each away game:

  1. Schedule volunteers - (1) Penalty box attendant
  2. Find the home team manager and provide roster sticks on the Away Team section of the scoresheet
  3. If any player will not be playing the game, scratch off their name on each sticker used
  4. Collect the coach's signature and return the scoresheet to the Home Team manager prior to the game start

After each game:

  1. Collect a yellow or pink copy of the scoresheet and retain in the team binder
  2. The home team manager will load scores and scoresheets to CrossBar for the game played
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