Fall Hockey Season


The Ice Hawks typically field teams for players 5 thru 18.


Practices and home games are held at the Mckendree Metro Rec Plex. Away games may be played across the metro region.


We typically start warm up skates in early August. Then evaluations are held mid August with team practices starting late August/early September. The season wraps up with the Blue Note Cup finals usually the first week of March.


6u/8u typically has 1-2 practices a week.

10u-14u typically has 2-3 practices a week

16u/18u typically has 1 practice a week.


Teams will typically play 20-30 games over the course of the season and will usually fall on the weekends.

Jerseys and Socks

Game jerseys and socks can be ordered prior to the start of the season at one of our jersey fitting sessions.

If you cannot attend any fitting dates, please contact apparel@icehawkshockey.org

Practice jerseys are issued at the start of each season & should be kept for the duration of the season.

Please do not wear your game jersey and socks to practice.

2024-2025 Season Details


Pre-skates Tryouts
6U 8/3 - 8/22 N/A
8U 8/3 - 8/10 8/11 - 8/31
10U 8/3 - 8/10 8/11 - 8/22
12U 8/3 - 8/10 8/11 - 8/22
14U 7/8 - 7/15 7/22 - 7/30

Eval groupings will change even within an age group. You will be notified of exact eval times via email.


Season Fee Team Fee
6U $850 TBD*
8U $950 TBD*
10U $1750 TBD*
12U $1750 TBD*
14U $1750 TBD*

*Team fees will vary by team depending on the number of jamborees or tournaments the team decides to participate in. Teams usually choose to participate in 2-3 jamborees or tournaments(In town or out of town). Your team manager will usually ask for $50-$300 to cover the entry fee if your player opts to participate.

Extra Costs

Game jerseys and socks may be purchased as needed. Jerseys are $90 each and socks are $30 a pair. A complete uniform kit is $240.

  • Uniforms (jerseys, socks, shells) and warmups must be purchased separately. We are partnering with SkateTech to deliver our uniforms and scheduled fitting times will be posted later. Please be on the lookout for those fitting times.

Fee Schedules

The standard fee schedule is as follows:

  • The initial deposit is due at registration.
  • 6 equal installments will be due on the 15th of each month (may vary based on registration date).
  • The final installment is due on Dec. 15th.

*Girls dual rostering on both a co-ed team and a Lady Hawks team will register with a co-ed team at sign-up and will receive a pro-rated offer link for registration of the second team once confirmed.

Note: If the payment plan is not adhered to, the player will not be allowed to participate in any SIIH events, practices, or games until payments are made current

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what division my child will play in for the 24-25 season?

Teams are divided by birth years and multiple teams will be fielded at each level based upon the number of players and the skill levels of all skaters during a club evaluation.

  • 6U - Players born in the year 2018 or later
  • 8U  - Players born in the years 2016-2017
  • 10U - Players born in the years 2014-2015
  • 12U - Players born in the years 2012-2013
  • 14U - Players born in the years 2010-2011
  • 16U - Players born in the year 2008-2009

Is there a discount if I have multiple players in my family?

Yes! We offer a $75 discount on each child registered AFTER your first one. 

Enter coupon code SIBLING in each player's registration AFTER your first child.  

Please contact the club registrar if you have any issues with the registration process.

Can my player play up in a higher age division?

If you feel as though your player should play up for more competitive play, you may request an appropriate review be conducted by the SIIH Hockey Operations Committee. Please review and complete the request form and submit per the attached instructions.

Are there fundraising opportunities to help offset the fees?

Yes, we are bringing back individual and team level fundraising opportunities for the 24-25 season. Please check our fundraising page for details.

Is financial aid available?

SIIH provides a financial aid option for those in need, when available. Please review our financial aid options on our resources tab.

Is there assistance for Military families in need?

For all Military families, please click the link below to learn about the United Heroes League, which provides assistance to those in the service.

Fall 2024-2025

2024-2025 Season Registration


6u / 2018-2019 / $850 

8u / 2016-2017 / $950

10u / 2014-2015 / $1750

12u / 2012-2013 / $1750

14u / 2010 -2011 / $1750

Dual Rostered Lady Hawks 10u-14u / $1400

ALL PRICES GO UP $50 ON AUGUST 1!!  Register Early!! 

*Remember to choose MO for the state you play in during your USA Hockey registration.  

*Multiple Children Discount- We offer a $75 discount on each child registered AFTER your first one.  Enter code SIBLING in each player's registration AFTER your first child.  

*It is our goal to continue to field Lady Hawks teams at as many age divisions available based on interest. However, if full teams are unable to be formed, girls will be rostered on co-ed teams based on evaluations. 

*Girls that choose to dual roster (play for a co-ed team and an all girls Lady Hawk team) will be sent a request to pay the additional  team fee once teams are made.  

*14u - This season we will have tryouts, not evaluations at the 14u level.   We will make every effort to have a spot for all players that sign up, but with the vast skill range and the introduction of checking at this level, we may have to make a hard decision and cut some players.  This decision was not made lightly. Hopefully, we have plenty of players sign up at all skill levels and do not have to make any cuts and this is a non-issue.  

*14u - If you do not make a team, you will get a full refund minus a $50 tryout fee.

*New mandatory volunteer requirements. Each family will be required to volunteer a minimum of 6 hours throughout the season. If you do not meet the minimum you will be charged a $100 volunteer fee. There is also the option to buyout of the volunteer requirement by paying $100 at the time of registration. All funds collected from the buyout fee will be used to reward those who volunteer extra time. Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to game clock, scoresheet, penalty box, fundraising and helping at other Ice Hawks events. Opportunities can be found here https://www.icehawkshockey.org/parent-resources/volunteer-opportunities/4794 or by asking a board member, coach or team manager.

*Uniforms (jerseys, socks, shells) and warmups must be purchased separately. We are partnering with SkateTech to deliver our uniforms and scheduled fitting times will be posted later. Please be on the lookout for those fitting times.

*There will be opportunities to fundraise this year to help offset your fees. The first will be TJ's pizza sale soon after evaluations. Please be on the lookout for communications regarding additional fundraising opportunities. Any questions or to volunteer please contact fundraising@icehawkshockey.org

*SIIH reserves the right to refuse registration at its discretion with written notification to the registrant.

*All sales are final.

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