Coaching Staff

Coaches Responsibilities

All coaches are ambassadors on behalf of Southern Illinois Ice Hawks and USA Hockey, on and off the ice. We are committed to act as a group of class individuals at the rink, when traveling to tournaments, at hotels, at other rinks and in the locker rooms. It is the responsibility of everyone to foster a positive and enjoyable experience for all involved. 

  • Coaches are responsible for ensuring a standard first aid kit is on the bench at all times.

To Players

  1. provide a safe and healthy environment for the skaters,
  2. provide equitable ice time to all players,
  3. treat all skaters with dignity at all times,
  4. remember that skaters of all ages are still children and are to promote the fun aspect of hockey,
  5. make every effort to play skaters in all positions, including goalie, through the Squirt B level to ensure a better understanding of the game as well as to facilitate the overall development,
  6. prepare an evaluation of each skater and will meet with the skater and the parent(s), if appropriate, to discuss it. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide an assessment of the player’s coach-ability, consistency of effort, ability to skate, stick handle and understanding of the game. The evaluation should also identify areas of improvement that would make the skater a better hockey player. 

To the Team

  1. exemplify qualities of good sportsmanship, conduct, and other positive traits that they expect from their players,
  2. never appropriate for coaches to take illicit drugs, to use tobacco around the rink, to attend a game or practice intoxicated, or to drink in excess in the presence of the team,
  3. foster team spirit and actively encourage cohesiveness and camaraderie
  4. work to develop maximum team effort and play, as opposed to encouraging individual play,
  5. maintain and uphold team discipline. In exercising discipline, coaches shall deal with unacceptable behavior immediately and uniformly 

To the Parents

  1.  provide an atmosphere of open communication with parents at all times,
  2. be responsible for discussing and explaining their expectations for the season
  3. discuss concerns promptly without bias and include next steps or resolution suggestions

To the Club

  1. be supportive of the Southern Illinois Ice Hawks philosophy and guidelines,
  2. be representatives of the Southern Illinois Ice Hawks and ensure their attitudes and behaviors reflect not only on themselves, but the Association as well

Playing Time

SIIH philosophy is to allow coaches to develop their teams and utilize players according to their philosophy of hockey, while satisfying general guidelines, as follows: Parents should keep in mind that it is not possible for coaches to keep track of the exact number of shifts and minutes of ice time afforded each player during a game.

  1. The SIIH House League is designed with less emphasis on competition and more on skill development, participation, teamwork and fun. Each House level coach will strive to provide equal ice time to all skaters over the course of each game.
  2. Travel League coaches (A1 through Silver), due to the more competitive nature of the game at these levels, will have more flexibility in the use of players and distribution of ice time. Every effort will be made to provide fair and reasonable ice time to each player during each game.
  3. On AA teams, coaches will have discretion to choose the players that best fit game situations. Every effort will be made to provide the appropriate game ice to each player. Equal shifts and ice time are not guaranteed at these levels.
  4. At all levels, coaches may withhold game ice time from players for disciplinary reasons (i.e. disruptive behavior, conduct which could lead to injury, or as a teaching tool). Unexcused absences at practices and games may also result in loss of ice time without the refund of fees. Each coach will distribute the SIIH organizations rules and expectations at the beginning of the year.

Locker Rooms

To help prevent abuse or misconduct from occurring in our locker rooms, SIIH adheres the USA Hockey locker room policies.

  • Coaches are responsible for regular monitoring of the locker room areas. If the coaches are not available, a locker room monitor may be assigned. Locker room monitors must be safe sport certified. Monitors are posted directly outside of the locker room and should intervene when player roughhousing, hazing, or verbal/physical abuse is witnessed or overheard.
  • Coaches must be advised of any player misbehavior immediately and appropriately addressed. 
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