Season Scheduling

Practice Ice

All practice ice will be routinely scheduled by the club ice scheduler and assigned to each team at the beginning of the season.

Practice ice is half sheets shared between 2 teams unless otherwise agreed upon or noted on the schedule by the ice scheduler.

Managers should not alter or amend any practice sheets without confirming with the Director of Managers and/or ice scheduler.

6u & 8u Scheduling

Regular season scheduling

  • 6U and 8U team coordinators will participate in an ADM scheduling meeting with other team managers from other teams to schedule games. Coaches are welcome to also attend along side managers for this meeting, however, are not required to do so.
  • One 6U manager will be in charge of scheduling all 6U games. 
  • At least one 8U manager per color division (Red, White & Blue) will be in charge of scheduling 8U games. 
  • As you build your team schedules, keep in mind the other activities that may occur throughout the season.
  • The best approach is to have a printed calendar with all future events (practice ice, tournaments scheduled, holidays, SIIH fundraisers, etc.) marked with you at the meetings.
  • Discuss potential conflicts with the coaching staff (family vacations, coach training dates) prior to the meeting. 
  • The majority of your games should be scheduled on weekends. Weeknight games can be difficult for both teams because of school, parents’ work schedules, and traffic.
  • Try to evenly space out games.
  • Avoid front-loading your schedule with games. Scheduling games later in the season allows the team to develop before the competition begins. 
  • Following the scheduling meeting, the home team should follow up with each scheduled away team to "confirm" game details.
  • Once confirmed, the team manager should load all home and away game details to your SIIH team calendar. 6u/8u games are not entered on MO Hockey's website.
  • Coaches and/or parent volunteers will serve as on-ice referees during games.

Jamboree scheduling

  • 6U/8U Managers can schedule and add tournament/jamboree games to their team calendars throughout the season, this is not done at the season scheduling meeting. Avoid scheduling jamboree entry on weekends you have games scheduled (and vice versa).

10u & Above Season

Season Full Sheet Ice Assignments (10u & Above)

Each team will be allocated full sheets of ice that may be used for declaration season games, friendly games throughout the season (non-MO Hockey league), season MO Hockey league games, and full sheet practices.

  • If there are weekends the team is aware of going out of town for tournaments, please notify the club ice scheduler ASAP to avoid being assigned ice that weekend.
  • Away games and events should not be scheduled that interfere with home full ice assignments without confirming an appropriate ice swap beforehand (if scheduling multiple games in one day assure there is ample time for travel and warmup between games).
  • If a team relinquishes full sheet ice due to a conflict without confirming a trade with another team beforehand, there is no guarantee of replacement ice by the club.

Once assigned season full sheet ice, it is the responsibility of the team manager to work with the coaching staff and other clubs within the division to schedule games in accordance with MO Hockey commissioner guidance during the season scheduling meeting.

  • All ice swaps/cancellations must give at least 48 hours' notice (more is appreciated).

MO Hockey Youth Division

Declaration Season

The MO Hockey season is broken into three parts. MO Hockey commissioners will provide exact dates, guidance, and discretion prior to clubs scheduling games*.

Declaration Season - Games played to determine if teams have been correctly placed within their age level. 

  • 9/11-9/15: Electronic scheduling with the other clubs in division and level (you can play 1 level up or down if your coach feels you may need to change before the regular season, but generally it’s your division level)
  • Phase 1 -
  • 10U - 9/20-10/13 - teams play 3 games against opponents of their choice.
  • 12U & 14U - 9/20-10/23 - teams play 4 games against opponents of their choice.
  • Phase 2 - Squirt Declaration Festival Weekends
  • 10/14-10/15 - 10U C3, C2, C1, and B3 teams will play games as assigned by the MAIHA-YD Commissioners. Games will be hosted by TBD.
  • 10/21-10/22 - 10U B2, B1, A3, A2, and A1 teams will play games as assigned by the MAIHA-YD Commissioners. Games will be hosted by TBD.
  • Phase 3 - 10/24-10/27- Teams may be asked to play additional games by the commissioner to determine final team placement. 

Regular Season

Commissioners will provide game formats following final team placements on October 28th

  • 10/30: Regular season scheduling meeting (the same applies to the declaration scheduling process as above)
  • 10/30-11/3: Electronic scheduling with the other clubs in the final division and level for the team's full home and away game schedule for the season.
  • 11/10/23: Regular Season Begins
  • 2/18/24: Regular Season Ends

How to schedule MO Hockey games

*It is the responsibility of the Home Team to schedule games in CrossBar. Away teams should verify their game schedule is complete in CrossBar prior to the scheduling deadline set by the league.*

1. Navigate to your CrossBar Team Page

Navigate to your team page on by going to Account at the top left of the page (or in the navigation drop-down on a mobile device) and then going to Teams.

2. Click Games

Once on your team page, go to the Games section of your team page using the team navigation. On desktop, this will show up to the left. On a mobile device, click the down arrow to the right of your team name.

3. Add Game

In the upper right-hand corner, click the Add Game button. If this button is not there, it means one of two things:

  1. The game schedule has been disabled by the league.
  2. Your account does not have permission.
  3. Go back to the team home page to verify that you are listed on the team staff.
  4. If you are not, then contact your club administrator to be added to the team staff.
  5. If you are listed, then make sure that you are logged in with the correct email address.

*All games entered as part of MO Hockey requirements on CrossBar will have referees requested through MO Hockey. *


  • Home teams will be responsible for adding the game details to MO Hockey Crossbar vs. the opponent. This will import to SIIH Crossbar and add to your team's calendar. 
  • If you need to update your imported calendar for your team, follow these steps:
  • Go to the team page
  • Select "Games"
  • Select "Imports"
  • Select "Refresh" at the bottom of the page

Scheduling Tip!

When scheduling for the regular season, a Google sheet similar to the link below can be utilized.

  • Following the guidance of game count by MO Hockey commissioners, create a new Google Sheet and enter allocated SIIH home ice to the applicable tab.
  • Share with edit capabilities to all team managers for the division.
  • Each team can select away games that work for their schedule.
  • Once all home games have been entered on the applicable tab, and away games selected by each team, you should easily have a full season schedule ready to be loaded into CrossBar.

Rescheduling a MO Hockey game

Game Change Request Form

Do you need to reschedule or cancel a game? After you have contacted your opponent and agreed upon the reschedule/cancellation, click the link below to follow MO Hockey's Game Change guidance.

Last Minute Game Cancellations/Changes

If you are changing or cancelling an existing game with less than 3 days' notice you must change/ cancel through MIHOA's Game Officials Request Form.  Emails and calls WILL NOT be accepted.

 Click here to access the form

Cancellations with Assigned Officials:

If all officials have been assigned to a game and the game is subsequently cancelled, the service fee will be charged.

Cancellations Less than 24 Hours Before Game:

If all officials have been assigned to a game and the game is subsequently cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, the service fee and game fees will be charged.

Crossbar Schedule Updates

You will still need to submit a Youth Division Game Change form so your schedule in Crossbar can be updated. Please follow the instructions on MO Hockey's Team Manager's Resources GAME CHANGES.

Blue Note Cup Playoffs

Every team in Missouri Hockey qualifies for and is required to participate in the playoffs. MO Hockey will handle the scheduling of the games. Late in the season, a bracket will be available that outlines where each seed plays. However, these times are subject to change to ensure that an out-of-town team plays on a weekend.

Teams that advance from the playoffs will participate in the championship weekend. Each championship winner will be awarded a Blue Note Cup with your team name to display within the club for the following year.

Blue Note Cup Playoffs & Championship 

  • 2/23-2/25/24: Playoff Weekend
  • 3/2-3/3/24: Championship Weekend

Friendly Games

A practice game (friendly) is a game against another team that a) includes official referees and b) does not fit into any of the Missouri Hockey seasons. When you schedule a practice game, you do not need to notify Missouri Hockey, but you must sign up for officials on MIHOA's website. You will find instructions for that below. 

  • It is general practice for the team that will not supply the ice to order and pay for referees.
  • IMPORTANT: If SIIH orders referees for a friendly game, ensure the Director of Managers and Treasurer are made aware of the request for approval and payment of the invoice (these are not paid through the normal MO Hockey process).
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