Tournament Planning

The purpose of tournament play is to challenge players with diverse competition and strengthen team bonding. The SIIH Tournament policy is provided as guidance for organizing tournament participation. 

SIIH teams are allowed up to 3 tournaments per year (of which atleast 1 must be local). Additional tournament requests must be presented to the SIIH Board for approval prior to commitment.

At least 80% of the team must have a commitment to play in a tournament. If 80% is not achievable, either choose another tournament option or work with your coach to ensure comfortable coverage to succeed in the event. A survey is a good way to ensure these results prior to registration (examples at the bottom of this page).

Tournament Expectations & Committments

  • Tournament play is an additional financial commitment and is not mandatory for all teams. 
  • SIIH dues do not cover tournament registration, travel permit, travel costs, or hotel fees.
  • Teams should discuss desired travel locations and player commitment before the tournament managers proceed with registration. 
  • It is important to set clear and specific expectations with families prior to commitments.
  • Once a player is committed and dues paid, refunds will not be allowed.
  • Team tournament registration dues are determined based on the number of players committed to play and tournament fee totals.
  • Hotel and travel fees are at the family's expense in addition to tournament registration and travel permit fees collected by the team/tournament manager.
  • Families opting to not participate in a tournament will not be punished or admonished for this decision. Any indication of such retribution will be referred to the SIIH Board for review. 
  • All costs and deposits for each tournament must be documented and retained by the tournament manager in the team accounting sheet. 
  • Audit may be performed by the SIIH board or Director of Managers at any time.

Local Tournaments

Tournaments held within the MoHockey district are considered local tournaments.  Local tournaments are played in arenas that house a MoHockey affiliated team.  Usually, the travel distance for local tournaments is 60 miles. 

Travel Tournaments

Out-of-district tournament participation requires you to request a travel permit from MO Hockey. Out-of-district tournaments are those directed by teams outside the Missouri Hockey League District. Some examples are Chicago, Wisconsin Dells, Notre Dame, Southbend, etc.

 **6U and 8U out-of-town travel must obtain prior written approval from the SIIH Board before committing.

What is "Stay-to-Play"

Many travel tournaments are a "stay-to-play" event. Meaning, all team members must stay in a hotel sponsored by the tournament event. Generally, a list of available hotels will be given to the team manager to select your top preferences and any special requests. This is ultimately assigned by the tournament coordinator. If team members do not purchase a room within the designated hotel, the team is at risk of forfeiting the event.

Additional rooms may be reserved with the team for traveling friends/family attending the event as well, but not required as part of stay-to-play.

Travel Permits

Request travel permit early. The later you wait, the higher the fee for a permit.

Failure to obtain a travel permit will result in $100 fee per incident.

  • Include a copy of your complete USA team roster with the travel permit request form.
  • Include a check payable to Missouri Hockey, Inc. with the travel permit request. 
  • Approved travel permits need to remain in your manager binder.
  • Travel permits will not be issued during playoff season!

Club Mailing Address:

Southern Illinois Ice Hawks 

4020 Green Mount Crossing Dr


Shiloh, IL 62269

Popular Tournament Sites

You may choose any MO Hockey and/or USA Hockey sanctioned tournament. This list is not exhaustive.

Team Survey Examples

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