Incidents and Injuries

Incident Reports

 A USA Hockey Incident report must be completed immediately following each incident or injury. Take a photo of the completed report and submit it to the Director of Managers via e-mail within 24 hours of injury. 

In addition to the possibility of on-ice injury, there may be incidents that occur off-ice that the manager or a parent must report. Incidents include injury resulting from team events, parent altercations, player altercations, locker room occurrence, damage to property, or other possible situations that can occur between individuals and teams. Complete a report for all questionable incidents and submit them to the Director of Managers.

  • A copy of the completed report must be kept in the binder for the duration of the season.

Manager Discretion

Reminder:  The manager is privy to many aspects of player/family life.  All information is confidential unless express permission is given from the parent/guardian.

USA Hockey Insurance and Claims

As a registered member of USA Hockey, members may file an injury claim with the USA Hockey Insurance program.  Please refer to the USA Insurance and Claims website for additional details.

Contact SIIH Registrar for a claim form. 

SIIH Registrar

Return to Play

If a player is out for an extended period of time due to an injury: 

Players may not participate in any on-ice activity (practices or games) without a release signed by the player’s doctor and submitted to the Director of Managers, prior to participation.

If a player is out for an extended period of time due to a concussion:

The additional protocol must be followed if a player has a concussion and wishes to resume participation. Please refer to USA Hockey's new Concussion Management Program and Return to Play Forms and provide a completed copy to the Director of Managers prior to returning to play.

  • Copies of signed releases must be in the manager's folder prior to the player resuming any dry land or ice practices.
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