Navigating Crossbar


Ensure the person that registered your player(s) completes the below instructions in this section.

  1. From a desktop computer (or phone web browser, not the app) - log into your Crossbar account.
  2. Be sure you are logged into your Crossbar account using the same user name and password that was used to register the player(s).
  3. Select "View Details"
  4. You will see your account screen. Select the "View Details" link next to your player's name.
  5. NOTE: if you have multiple kids playing, you will need to complete these steps for each one independently.
  6. DO NOT choose the "Add Another Family Member" button. This is only for adding another kid/player to your account.
  7. Select "Add Account"
  8. You will see your account screen. Select "Add Account"
  9. NOTE: If you added your spouse during registration, and they accepted the invite and created their own Crossbar account already, then they will already appear in this section (in addition to your name).
  10. Add Email Address
  11. This is where you add the email address for the adult you want to associate with your player. For example your spouse, step-parents, or grandparents.
  12. Repeat this step as necessary for each adult you want to add.
  13. Next steps to finalize account relationship with your player
  14. IF THEY ALREADY HAVE A CROSSBAR ACCOUNT: Once you add them, they will automatically show up in the Accounts table below.
  15.  NOTE: This step also assumes you used the exact same email address they used to create their account. (You may want to ask them this question before proceeding just to be sure.)
  16. IF THEY DO NOT HAVE A CROSSBAR ACCOUNT YET: Once you hit the Add Account button, they will be sent an automated email by Crossbar. They will then be asked to create an account. Once they create the account, they will then automatically be associated with your child. 
  17. NOTE: They will not appear in the Accounts table below until they create their account following the e-mail instructions.

Access Volunteer Opportunities

Stay connected with volunteer opportunities and events we need help with. SIIH is 100% volunteer based, without your help it is impossible to support our players as they deserve.

  1. Go to
  2. Make an account, if you haven't already done so, or sign in.

Next steps using a mobile device

  1. Click on the 3 white lines in the top right
  2. Click "Account"
  3. Click on black arrow positioned on the left side
  4. Click on "Volunteer"
  5. Click on Program Name (i.e. Learn to Play)
  6. Sign up for as many slots you are available to help
  7. Pat yourself on the back for making an impact and lending a hand, or two

Next Steps using a computer

  1. Click on "Account" on the top left
  2. Click on "Volunteer"
  3. Click on Program Name (i.e. Learn to Play)
  4. Sign up for as many slots you are available to help
  5. Pat yourself on the back for making an impact and lending a hand, or two!


  1. Once an account has been established in connection with a player(s), each person will need to install the Crossbar mobile app on their Apple or Android device(s).
  2. Login using individual credentials based on an account established.

3. Once the player(s) is rostered and assigned to a team within the Crossbar system, their team will appear within the mobile app for all adults associated.

a. If there are multiple players, then each of their teams will appear for all adults associated.

4. After choosing your player's team, you can access team staff, schedules, roster, and chat functionality.

You are now connected!

You are fully set up for the season. Most of this will be a one-time effort - assuming next year you use the same Crossbar account to register.

If you have any questions regarding your team and player rostering, please contact your team manager.

If you have any questions regarding site or app functionality, please contact SIIH Webmaster.

Director of Managers

CJ Rogers

Crossbar Website



  1. Log on (must be the registering parent) 
  2. Select Dashboard (upper left corner) 
  3. Select FAMILY on the left-hand side 
  4. Select "View Details" next to your player's name 
  5. Scroll down, then under Registration History, select "View Details" 
  6. The payments & dates are listed. 
  7. NOTE: payments are processed automatically on the dates listed and it may take a couple of days before they appear on your credit card account.


  1. Log on to the website using your email address and password.
  2. Click on the DASHBOARD link in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Click on the PROFILE link on the left-hand side
  4. Page down past the name & phone numbers field until you get to the password or email sections, update the info, and click on save.  
  5. NOTE: Any new email address will require that you verify the email address so watch for the verification email and follow the instructions, otherwise your account may get stuck in limbo and require help from CrossBar to fix it.


Credit/Debit Cards expire or are lost/stolen. Once you are notified of a failed payment, please update your card as soon as possible. 

Steps to change/add a credit card:

  1. Log on
  2. Click on the Dashboard (link in the upper left-hand corner)
  3. Click on the FAMILY tab on the left-hand side of the page
  4. Click on View Details next to your child’s name
  5. Page down on the Player Info page until you get to “Registration History
  6. Click on View Details next to the Program to which your child has remaining payments.
  7. Click on the EDIT button next to the card # of the next installment and add another card.
  8. Once you have changed/added a new credit/debit card, please notify the SIIH Registrar/Treasurer so an adjustment to the payment due date and/or amount can be made.


  1. I can't log on.
  2. Please click on the SIGN-UP link in the upper left-hand corner and create an account.
  3. Signup says this email already has an account. 
  4. Follow the forgot password instructions. 
  5. If no e-mail to reset the password is received (check your JUNK or SPAM folders first!), email the Webmaster to have CrossBar manually verify or reset your account.
  6. I logged on and clicked on the Family Calendar link and I don't see my player('s) schedule.  
  7. Ask the registering parent to add you as a Parent on the child('s) registration (see above instructions).

How do I sync my player's calender to my mobile device?

● Go to: 

● Ensure you are logged in to your Crossbar account

● Select “Family Calendar”

● Select Download Calendar Feed from the top right corner 

● Go to your personal calendar settings on your mobile device and ensure the synced calendar is available in the settings.

*If you are using your mobile device google calendar, make sure you turn on both “calendars to sync” and “calendars to display.

Not receiving CrossBar E-mails?


Here are the steps to take:

  1. Make sure your profile settings are set to receive emails from your organization.
  2. If your organization has sent an email and you haven't received it, check your SPAM folder.
  3. If the email is not in your SPAM folder, log in to the email provider's website. The spam folder often doesn’t completely sync to other apps such as Apple Mail or Android email apps.
  4. If you have recently updated your email, you MUST follow the instructions in the verification email to verify the new email. You will NOT receive any emails until it is verified.
  5. Lastly, be sure that you have and 
Confirm Delete
Click the delete icon again to confirm. Click escape to cancel.